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So how do we decide if to go live with an action team? The meeting can be held in person or online however it should be a meeting open to everyone in the community. It is strongly suggested that in order for an action team to go live, 2+ individuals agree to become action team managers from the outset. The action team may have its own meetings and decide to put different people in place in a few months or the same people may remain but there needs to be responsibility for coordinating activities if the action team is to be live. 

The action team may also be administered by an existing local club or group which addresses a lot of the management structure questions.

 Worth Noting:

  • Flexible Meeting Format: The “proposal” meeting may be a dedicated meeting for just this purpose whereby there is time for full discussion and opportunity to listen to various opinions and such from across the community. It may also be a more general community meeting where 2 or more action teams are proposed (and perhaps other items on the agenda also)

Action Team Launch Meeting

If there is agreement to put the action team live, a date for the first meeting of the action team should be proposed and added as an event to the dashboard. Here they can finalise their structure, meeting frequency, and ambitions for the coming year. 

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