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To effectively and efficiently manage an action team it is suggested that they adhere to the following guidelines

  • Create Team Email Address (Gmail): An email address should be set up for the group to allow it to send/receive emails. Setting up a team email address also ensures there is independence from any individual’s email address who may have to go on holidays, leave the group, etc. and therefore ensures better independence and longevity

  • Dashboard Access: The action team advanced user profile (using the above email address) can be set up by requesting it from the coordination team. By getting advanced user access, the action team managers can
    • Record Updates: Add/edit action team records quickly and without the need for approval from the coordination team
    • Add Discussions/view comments: Quickly add new discussions to the records they manage and view /approve comments from the public
    • Add/Edit News/Events/Noticeboard: Quickly add and edit related posts
    • Download/access Phone app: The phone app allows to quickly update records, news, events and receive relevant notifications from record comments and requests from new members, etc.
    • Meeting Scheduling / Minutes:  Schedule a team meeting, set agenda and add meeting minutes post meeting.

  • Action Team Page: Once activated, each action team will have its own dedicated action team webpage where it can direct stakeholders to. The action team page will contain related records/plan contain related news and events and also provide a facility for people to contact the action team and help/support where possible

Action Team Plan: Once activated, each action team will have its own dedicated “dynamic plan” which fits into the overall community plan. The plan can be downloaded from the action team page and can be edited by the action team managers.

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