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The Coordination Team is a dynamic assembly of individuals, either selected as volunteers or appointed, subject to an annual review to ensure continued efficacy and alignment with the initiative’s objectives. This team may either be:

A newly established group, specifically formed to drive the initiative forwards.
An existing group that adapts its current operations to align with the initiative’s framework, leveraging their local expertise and experience.

Key Responsibilities:

Building Teams:
The team plays an integral role in fostering and strengthening local action teams, providing guidance and support to ensure they are well-equipped to meet the community’s needs.

Volunteer Management:
They are tasked with the seamless integration of volunteers into the initiative. This involves not only welcoming new volunteers but also adeptly matching them with local projects that align with their skills and interests, thereby maximising both volunteer satisfaction and project effectiveness.

A vital function of the Coordination Team is to facilitate collaboration. They act as a conduit between action teams and various stakeholders, including community members and county officials, to foster a cohesive and united approach.

The team also manages critical administrative tasks. This includes overseeing communications, ensuring robust financial support, and coordinating various logistical aspects across the community to maintain smooth operations.

Annual Plan: Approximately every 12 months, the Coordination Team collaborates with Action Team Managers to review and update the community plan. This process involves a comprehensive evaluation of past performances, setting future objectives, and inviting all council members to contribute and endorse the updated plan. This cyclical review ensures that the initiative remains responsive to the evolving needs of the community and stays aligned with its long-term vision.


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