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Survey Local Opinions

eTownz and the Coordination Team will survey members of the community to determine key questions such as:
Do they want a local community council
What format should this council take
Who can be involved & what aspects of local development should be address
What projects should be prioritised

The results of the survey will then be used to develop a community action plan tailored to the needs of the community.

Review Plan & Manifesto

Based on:
Survey Results
Feedback from community workshops
Feedback from local clubs and business

eTownz is dedicated to providing comprehensive and user-friendly documentation to support the community’s initiatives. Our documentation suite includes:

Community Action Plan:
Crafted for both clarity and adaptability, this plan is designed to facilitate easy updates in subsequent years. It serves as a living document, outlining strategic goals, immediate action items, and long-term objectives. This ensures that the plan remains relevant and responsive to the community’s evolving needs and aspirations.
Community Charter / Manifesto:
This crucial document establishes the foundational principles and mission statement of the community council. It sets forth the core values, ethos, and vision that guide the council’s activities and decision-making processes. The charter is both an inspirational guide and a practical framework, ensuring that all council actions align with the community’s overarching goals.

Community Council Structural Format:
This document provides a clear and straightforward format for conducting effective and efficient meetings. It delineates the roles and responsibilities of the coordination team and the action teams (including managers and members), ensuring a structured yet flexible approach to governance. This format is designed to optimise meeting productivity, foster clear communication, and promote active participation among all members. By clarifying roles and procedures, the structural format contributes to the smooth and effective operation of the community council.

Launch Plan and Programme Initiation

In the first phase, the draft Community Plan, Manifesto, and structural format will be distributed to those who participated in the local survey for their feedback. This inclusive approach ensures that the documents are reflective of the community’s input and aspirations. Following the incorporation of this feedback, a finalised version of these documents will be circulated to the entire community, with an invitation extended to all residents to become signatories to these foundational plans.

The official launch marks the commencement of activities for both the Coordination Teams and Action Teams. It is a pivotal moment that sets the stage for proactive community involvement. Post-launch, the Coordination Team will take the lead in ensuring that the Community Plan is regularly reviewed and agreed upon each year. This cyclical review process is vital for keeping the plan current and aligned with the community’s changing needs and priorities.
Central to the plan is the provision of clear guidance on the operation of each Action Team. It balances the need for flexibility—allowing teams to organise in a way that suits their specific context and objectives—with a structured approach. This structure is crucial for ensuring that the activities of individual Action Teams are seamlessly integrated with other local teams and the overarching community council structure. This blend of flexibility and structure is designed to foster effective, cohesive, and impactful community action.

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