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You have tentatively agreed to join the digital action team in your smart village. The first thing we would like to say is that thanks, it’s important that this role does not become too cumbersome for you or others so we will do our best to make things as easy as possible for you. We would also like to point out that if you have a question on something, please let us know in Whatsapp, or email [email protected] or via the support button in the dashboard. So let’s get started!


Your Manager Access the dashboard.

We have added you are a user to the dashboard and you should have received the instructions on your email on how to set up your account and access the Ballinlough dashboard. This will give you access to the backend of the dashboard where you have permission to review records, add news/events/noticeboard items and more. Each tool contains a tutorial video (upon clicking the red video icon)  which helps you navigate through the different tabs and also understand their function. 


Public Aspects

There are a few different ways locals can access the information and updates:

  • Community Website:  It contains news, events, noticeboard, and can be accessed at https://etownz.com
  • Community Newsletter: Locals can sign up on the website to a newsletter and when the newsletter is turned on, it will auto include news, events and such.
  • Community Dashboard: This contains a database of community records, ability for people to join action teams and download thematic plans. The link for the dashboard is on the community website and also here Click HERE


Your Role

There are 4 tools sets in the dashboard, (you may have access to all 4 or just some) they are:

  1. Planning
  2. Management
  3. Communications
  4. Residents Survey


We suggest to start with, let’s just focus on the “Communications” tool set and focus in particular on the “Events” section. See can we add all the recurring events that take place in the community here. Below is a video on various aspects of the system so we welcome you to login and trial things before we have a Zoom call. 


Communication Tool: https://youtu.be/O7-HjuLSraI


There is also a phone app for managers, here are the relevant stores. When you have your email/passwords set then login to the app also.


Desktop: https://workspace.etownz.com/ 

App Store: https://apps.apple.com/app/id6444350122 

Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.etownz.knowledge_tree 

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