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The aim of this document is to give a brief overview of what we have done to prepare the eTownz dashboard, related records and such for your smart village journey. We would encourage each member of the coordination team to read this document and let us know if any questions.

 1. Planning

Coordination Team: Dashboard Access 

We set up an initial number of users as coordinators for your community. Please note that there is a maximum of x users available on this profile. If you wish to add or increase the number please contact [email protected].

Setting Boundary

The boundary for your community is composed of the related small areas which are defined by the CSO and used in the census. The local team needs to make a guess that if most people from that small area goes to schools, shops, clubs/groups in your community then that small area is considered a part of this community. These small areas are used to compile the metrics records. If you feel these small areas need to be edited please contact [email protected].

Adding “Record Editors”

The representatives from local clubs, groups and such can be given “Edit access” to related records. There are two ways to do this

  • The Town Manager finds related records in the dashboard, clicks ‘Edit’ and at the ‘Record Editor’ section adds the name and email of the person who they wish to give edit access to.
    (VIDEO) How to give someone editing rights in the dashboard: https://youtu.be/LN_Z-XR6Xsw

  • The representative can also find the record on the community website and then fill in the form to “Claim Listing”, which is then approved by the town manager and they will be given edit access.

Guidance for Record Editors

Once approved, a representative can go to the community website, enter their email address in the “Edit Your Organisations Records” section, this will email them a 5 digit code which they enter on the form. This gives them access to:

  • Edit the record
  • Add associated events

Add related “child” records e.g. The Sports club may add one of its teams as “Project Active”, the number of members and awards as metrics, changing rooms as assets, and so forth.

2. Communications


  • Anyone can “Submit” news via the community website and such news is stored as draft in the backend until the manager approves. 
  • The town managers can also add news from backend and do not need approval


  • Anyone can “Submit” Events via the community website, and such events are stored as draft in the backend until the manager approves. 
  • The town managers can also add events from backend and do not need approval


  • Anyone can “Submit” Noticeboard via the community website, and such notices are stored as draft in the backend until the manager approves. 
  • The town managers can also add news from backend and do not need approval

Email newsletter

The email newsletter can be scheduled to be sent out up to one year in advance. The town managers can amend the newsletter through the backend dashboard. 

  • Users can sign up for the newsletter from the website
  • People who join the community forum will be auto added to mailing list
  • People can opt out of mailing list by clicking on button at the end of the email


The email newsletter helps reduce local administration by

  • Auto adding events for the upcoming period into the newsletter
  • Auto includes news items from the previous period


 3. Management

Discussions – General

Only town managers can create new “Discussions”, they can do this by navigating “Discussions” tab in the dashboard and creating a new one

Discussions – Week in Focus Configuration

eTownz have created x3 discussions which relate to all “Week in Focus” themes, these get auto created on the week they are in focus and are associated with the relevant “Action Team Record”

Discussion – Comments

The general user can submit a “Comment” on a record discussion, by default this comment is tagged as “Draft”, the town manager can review and allow it to be seen publicly or leave it in draft state


 4. Surveys

Residents Survey

  • The resident’s survey can be left open throughout the year or it can be removed from the public by edit the community website
  • The full results of the resident’s survey are available to the coordination team only from the dashboard
  • eTownz will shortly provide a summary sheet of key finds in the dashboard also
  • eTownz provide posters and social media images to help promote the survey

Organisational Survey

  • The organisation survey is for businesses, clubs, groups and public service providers
  • They provide key information on the demographic of clients / members as well as updating their areas of interest

Thematic Surveys (Week in Focus)

  • The thematic surveys can be scheduled to run each week from the newsletter tab
  • eTownz have suggested a a theme for each week “Week in Focus” but the community can change these 
  • The survey will create a chart of the responses for sharing while the written responses will be private
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