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A local Action Team is a theme-based group of stakeholders who come together in a community to champion development activities related to this theme. E.g. a group of cycling related stakeholders form a local Cycling Action Team to develop cycling.

The action team can be comprised of  different types of stakeholders:

  • Residents / Individuals (e.g. cyclists, parents of cyclists, etc) 
  • Businesses (e.g cycle repair shops)
  • Clubs (e.g. youth club, active retirement)
  • Public Services (e.g. schools, Garda station)

The Action Team reports to the “Coordination Team” who administers and manages the entire program in the community. The Coordination Team supports the Action Team whenever they can.

The Action Team can represent a level 1,2,3 or 4 theme. I.e. the action can have a broader “Parent” Action Team or narrower “Child” Action Team e.g. the Personal Wellbeing Action Team has a parent action team, the Health, Recreation & Quality of Life Action Team, as well as a child action team, the Active Retirement & Care Action Team.

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