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So, how do you go about setting up an action team in your community? Here is a suggested step-by-step process.

  • Coordination Team Propose: The coordination team or some local stakeholders ask the coordination team to “propose” the action team.
  • Dashboard Action Team Status Change: There is a “record” in the system for all action teams, by default, most action action teams are set to “Dormant”, an admin of the dashboard simply navigates to the related action team and changes the status from “Dormant” to “Proposed” (It can later be changed to “Active” if a group of local stakeholders agree to form the action team). It should be noted that when the status is changed to “Active”, a number of automated actions take place in the eTownz dashboard to help create an initial draft plan which helps inspire participation.
  • Goal Creation: x3 related goals are created
  • Project Creation: x5 related projects are created 
  • Action Team Page: A dedicated “Action Team Page” is created and the URL can be shared locally    
  • Noticeboard Post: A new noticeboard post is created which invites locals to register interest in join the proposed action team is created (and therefore included in next email newsletter) 

Note: When proposing an action team, the dashboard will also request a date/time/location for a meeting to discuss and decide if the action team is to be formed. If at the meeting, there is agreement to set up the action team status can be set to live, if not the status can be set to dormant again

  • Sharing, Talking Socialising: Those interested in this action team should talk to their friends and neighbours about the theme and gauge interest and encourage participation. People like talking about projects so when discussing this theme, it helps to ask people what related projects they would like to see happen and then follow on with encouragement to join the action team to help make these projects a reality.
  • Online/Offline Promotion:  eTownz also provides images for use on social media and A4 posters that can be printed and put on notice boards locally, inviting local stakeholders if they would like to be part of the action team. 

Worth Noting:

  • Focus on Meeting: The focus of the proposal phase is to engage as many local stakeholders as possible in the idea of setting up the action team and encouraging them to attend the meeting to decide if they will set up the action team or not. 
  • Logging Apologises: People may want to attend but can’t, in this case, ask them to 
    • Confirm if they are willing to join the action team if formed yes/no
    • Provide comment (optional) this can be read at the meeting if they wish  
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