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In order to help develop the Action Team, encourage locals to join the action team and help raise awareness of the key issues related to its theme, every year. The action team can agree with the coordination team when this week should be. The action team can help raise awareness of their projects and can help dictate the format of this week. It is highly recommended that if possible, it aligns with a national or international day or week e.g. Heritage action team might align their week in focus with National Heritage week in Ireland. During the “Week in Focus”


  • The community website will have headline to draw people attention to the theme/action team
  • The community email newsletter will draw attention to the theme/action team
  • A community survey will shared locally focusing on this theme/action team 

The action team may wish to use this opportunity to have a public meeting or presentation related to their activities and use it as an opportunity to identify new members, build partnerships and highlight the good work they do.

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