How do I check my Community Small Areas?

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How do I check my Community Small Areas?

If a small area needs to be amended as it is associated with the wrong community then please follow the below guide

Once you have confirmed that the small areas are not correctly associated you need to amend the association by contacting etownz.

Census Mapping Resources

The Census Mapping App for Small Area Population Statistics (SAPmap) can be explored on the CSO’s interactive visualisation platform CSO Visual

This app allows users to explore census data in a location of interest by using the address search facility or by pinpointing a location on the map. Users can investigate data at different levels of geography by selecting their preferred geographic boundary to access all of the 2016 census tables that have been produced for that area.

This page is provided to help users of the Census Mapping app discover the key features of this new mapping application.

Visit the Census Mapping app on CSO Visual

Please see below a number of short videos to help you learn about the functionality of the mapping app. Should you have any queries or feedback on Census SAPmap, please email [email protected]

Demonstration videos

Find your area

The first video (below) demonstrates how to find your area and how to select demographic statistics that may be on interest to you for the chosen area. It demonstrates how to find your area (by Eircode/ address/ click and point) and toggle between different topics.

PxStat Tables

The second video (below) demonstrates how to find certain PxStat tables from the mapping interface which may be useful to download for further analysis.

Multi Area Tool

The below video demonstrates how to use the multi-area selection tool which may be of benefit to certain users (e.g. if you wish to select certain areas only).

Radius Selection

The video clip below demonstrates how to utilise the radius selection feature of the Census SAPmap mapping app. This feature enables users to select certain areas which fall within a certain distance of a chosen point (From 1 -50 kilometres).

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