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How to Zone your Community

What is zoning?

It’s very useful to “zone” your community into clear sections and tag them appropriately. The zoning should be done by the community and into blocks that make logical sense to them. The zones should then be shared with all the community team to use as they see fit. 

Why create zones?

The zones can be used for a wide variety of different applications

  • Designing litter clean-ups around the town where different areas are assigned to different teams
  • “Adopt a Road” initiatives were resident(s) agree to adopt and therefore maintain a section of their community 
  • Cycling / Walking / Lighting Assessments being undertaken in the community can be undertaken by different groups and having the town divided into logical sections can make this very useful

How to create zones

Creating zones is best visualised using “Google My Maps” click here, which is explained in this video. 

Some tips include: 

  • Run a zoom call with a few interested people to help agree on zones
  • Give the zones a simple numeric name so they are easy to reference
  • For larger communities, it can be useful to create large zones and small zones within them
  • The small zones should be approx half a kilometer in length as a useful benchmark

When the zoning has been complete the live map can be shared to email/social media, embedded into a website, or screenshot and images used in a report or plan.


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