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Step 1: Be prepared for a lot of work


Step 2: Get others invested in it. You will want to get the town councils, businesses, the local members etc involved



Town Page Headings



In this section, provide the town’s name and origin:

  • If applicable, include the town’s nickname
  • Use pictures where possible

In this section, provide a chronological summary of the history of the town.

  • Invite local history groups or local history enthusiasts to compile the information for this section
  • Use pictures where possible and permission is available
  • Use links to other Wikipedia pages on significant events related to the town’s history

The history section can be further broken down into subsections, for example:

Ancient History: 

Iron Age

Early Christian:


Best Examples of Community History

Cashel: Click here

Clifden: Click here

Enniscorthy: Click here 

Carlingford: Click here 


In this section provide location information on where the town is situated as well as transport accessibility and availability.

This section can be broken down into subsections for example Road: Include road links to major towns

Bus Services:

Rail Services:

Airport Services:

Best Examples of Community Transport

Kenmare: Click here 

Dun laoghaire: Click here 

Clifden: Click here

Cashel: Click here 


In this section, present information on the elected representatives in your town

  • Collaborate with the town council and those interested in politics to gather information for this section
  • Use a table if possible
  • Use links to governance meetings or events listed on wikipedia

Best Examples of Community Politics

Greystones: Click here

Tralee: Click here

Note that the governance section may not be relevant to your town


In this section, compile a list of notable people from your area.

  • This could include politicians, athletes, entertainers and creative professionals (authors, academics etc)

Best Examples of Community Notable People

Tralee: Click here

Leixlip: Click here

Celbridge: Click here 


In this section, provide information on sport clubs in your local area.

  • Collaborate with sport clubs representatives or sports enthusiasts to compile information of this section
  • Use pictures where possible and permission is available
  • Use links to other sports events and clubs listed on Wikipedia

Best Examples of Community Transport:

Greystones: Click here 

Castlebar: Click here 

Leixlip: Click here 


In this section, provide information on religion in your local area.

  • Collaborate with religious and spiritual leaders to compile information for this section (the number of churches, the predominant religion etc)
  • Use pictures where possible and permission is available
  • Use links to other religious/spiritual events and clubs listed on Wikipedia

Best Example of Community Religion

Westport: Click here


Provide information on education and educational institutions in this section.

  • Use pictures where possible and permission is available
  • Use links to other educational events listed on Wikipedia

This can be broken down into subsections, examples include:

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Third level Education

Best Examples of Community Education

Maynooth: Click here 

Newbridge: Click here


In this section, provide entertainment information

  • Collaborate with entertainers or music enthusiasts to compile this information
  • Use pictures where possible and permission is available
  • Use links to other music festivals and nightlife entertainment listed on Wikipedia

This section can have subsections such as:

  • Festivals
  • Music
  • Nightlife Entertainment

Best Examples of Community Entertainment 

Letterkenny: Click here

Gorey: Click here

Kilkenny: Click here


This section is a great way to promote tourism in your area.

  • Include all the tourist attractions
  • Use pictures where possible
  • Include external links to these tourist attractions

Best Examples of Community Tourist Attractions 

Waterford: Click here

Carlingford: Click here

Killarney: Click here


This section is another great way to promote local businesses in your town.

  • Working together with business owners, compile a list of all of the local businesses
  • Add pictures where possible
  • Include direct links to these businesses

Best Example of Community Economy 

The Greystones: Click here


This section is of great significance.

  • Collaborate with photographers or camera club who can help compile as many pictures as possible

Best Examples of Community Gallery

The Greystones: Click here

Letterkenny: Click here


In this section, acknowledge the contributions of other writers and those who helped create the wikipedia page.

Best Example of Community Reference  

Malahide: Click here 


In this section, provide external links such as:

  • Your Tidy town page

Best Example of Community External links 

Carlingford: Click here




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