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Gmail Account

Gmail is an extremely popular email service provided by Google. In order to create a Gmail account, you actually must sign up for a Google account. This account will give you access to the Google Suite.

Follow these steps

Go to the Google Account Creation Page.

  • Fill in your details (we recommend you use your town name as your username ie [email protected]
  • Be aware that the username you choose will be the name that others see if you choose to use other Google services like YouTube or Google Docs.

  • Select the Next Step button.Google provides its Terms of Service. You must agree to the terms to continue creating your account.

  • After reviewing, select the I Agree button.You will see the Verify Account page.

  • Provide your phone number and select your preferred method of contact.You will receive a code via text message or phone call

  • Enter the code in the box provided. Select the Continue button.
  • From the My Accounts page, choose the Gmail icon from the top of the page or from the apps menu in the upper right corner
  • Google provides a series of instructions for your Gmail account.
  • Choose the Next button until you reach the end of the instructions.
  • On the final screen, select the Go to Gmail button.
  • You will be taken to your Gmail account.

NOTE: Gmail app is available for your smartphone, useful to download

Your gmail account also creates a Youtube profile, Google Maps profile, Google Photos profile which will be explained in other articles

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