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How To Manage Photos

Here we provide a summary of how to manage photos for a simple photo team and resources for a community.

  1. Team: Agree on team and who will manage the relevant account
  2. Terms: Set up simple terms regarding the ownership of the photos. We suggest that photos for use in this should be under “Creative Commons” licence. This means any photos the team adds to the library of photos can be used by any group or individual in the community. (This means professional photography should not add photos they wish to sell into the library of photos for use in the community)
  3. Google Photos: Set up a new gmail account specific for the team (avoid using someone’s personal email address because if they ever leave the group there will be difficulty moving and organising the photos). How to create a gmail account
  4. Photo Categorisation: The team should agree on an initial list of categories of photos that they can work towards. In the section below we provide a list of suggested categorises. The team can over time 
    1. Add additional categories
    2. Subdivide categorises

Note: It’s often a good idea to chat to people involved in local projects, communications, business etc to see if they want particular types of photos for local development purposes

  1. Photos Library: Create a “photo album” in google photos for each of the categories then invite members of the team (and perhaps even wider community to gather photos under those heading).
  2. Photo Selection: All the photos that are taken can be added to google photos but we suggest the team occasionally run a zoom call to agree on the best 10-20 photos under each heading.
  3. Sharing: Local clubs, businesses and other relevant organisations should be notified of the resource that have been created and the album links shared with them.

Sample Photo Albums / Categorises

  • Health Recreation & Quality of Life
  • Environment & Sustainability
  • Business & Employment
  • Infrastructure, Planning & Governance


  • Local attractions
  • Local Heritage
  • Local Activities


  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • Winter
  • Younger Generation
  • Older generation

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